The Politics Of Dogs And Baboons – Awwal A. Salisu

The Politics Of Dogs And Baboons

The recent brouhaha about the statement of the General is one I have followed with amusement. It seems from all indications that this country still has a long way to go in attaining true nationhood. Mere idioms from other parts of the country are misinterpreted and given non intended effect. This is reminiscent of the humour and tragedy that prevailed in the colonial era when local interpreters muddled and confused messages.

It is evident from the mudslinging very much active that the Presidency has as its main target of opposition Buhari. While I understand the objections voiced by all and sundry in the corridors of power, it is nonetheless to be swallowed with some humour. The statement was indeed distasteful, not one to be credited to a true statesman. In this, Buhari would be properly minded to engage in positive PR enlightenment. Buhari, a good man who commands a lot of respect but nonetheless underestimates the power he wields especially with the vast majority of the oppressed northern populace, needs to be counseled by his closest advisers on the politics of statesmanship.

However, I wish to point out that the purpose of the words used “dogs and baboons” is figurative and idiomatic, intended to indicate a laborious struggle due to unwillingness of each party to be thwarted. To this end, I wish to borrow another Hausa idiom “ abin da babba ya hango, yaro ko ya hau tsani ba zai hango ba” what this means in direct translation is “ what an adult has seen, a child cannot see even if he were to climb a ladder” while this is more straightforward, it however has the connotation of wisdom acquired from age and experience not necessarily height associated with age. As a result, I would not expect children to start challenging adults by climbing 20 foot ladders to see what the adult has seen. It would indeed be an absurdity.

All these aside, what is curious is the apparent lack of response by the Presidency to the serious allegation of being part and parcel of the Boko Haram imbroglio plaguing the nation. An active mind would have thought Dogs and Baboons to be mere trivialities in contradistinction with this damning declaration. A menace that has plagued the nation is forced to play second fiddle to pets and zoo animals. This is however characteristic of the politics of deceit, delay and diversion currently in play. The people should wise up, wake up and ask this government to respond to these allegations which have been variously concurred by the President himself, Okah in South Africa and the NSA.


Awwal A. Salisu 

@skarjar (follow me on twitter its free!), as always trying to free our minds from groupthink and move this country forward


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