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Everyday, between our waking up and going to bed, countless things happen and we encounter a lot of people… all sorts. People from our past, people for the moment and some for the future.

A lot of things happen around us, in our thoughts and in our minds – helplessly bombarded by the ever increasing avalanche of information… those that concerns us and many more outside our control.

The news come good and bad and so do people but after it all… some lingers… some people stay – around and some just in our mind. Some events… no matter how hard we try not to, we wont forget them and a million we’d never remember.

Things that linger, those people that we cannot but think of… those memories that come back to haunt us, to make us giggle (sometimes, awkwardly,  in a solemn assembly). those pictures that flashes and for a moment, it seems all is coming on you…

All of them… what makes them stay? The colors? The smell? The sound? The unseen side of the seen things? The over-heard sounds of the subtle tones?

The not-so-popular side of the popular stories or the popular side of the not-so-popular?

In a little while, today, your birthday, your wedding anniversary, your first day on the job, your first day in school, your first day of retirement, your first day after she left, your first day after the mistake, your first day after the miracle…

In a little while, today would be gone and she, that woman that smiled at you, that cashier whose face bore pains as real as if it was on you, that kid, that woman, that police, that doctor, that dog, that bird, that tree, that wilted flower, that charred piece of wood…

Today, and they all, would soon be gone, into another yester-time…

When they are gone, what would you remember?


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Art of Journal Writing

Art of Journal Writing.

Art of Journal Writing

by perpetualflaneur


Perhaps it is something that many of us had done during our younger days or as one of our school assignments. Maybe we have gotten quite older, and some of us felt that it is something that children do, so we felt as if it was necessary to leave it in the memories of our youth, in those old boxes of our childhood memorabilia. I had been thinking about this for the past year, and yes, it really took me a year to realize this. No, the art of journal writing is not dead yet. At least I hope not.

Prior to starting my own blog, I have kept little notebooks or mini-journals. In those small treasures, I’ve kept certain thoughts, verses, or specific quotes that I find beautiful and valuable or applicable in specific aspects of my life. Now, as I sit and look back, leafing through my little notes here and there, I feel privileged to witness my growth in both my thoughts and my writing.

How many of us use little post-it notes to remind ourselves of something? How many of us write down our thoughts when the world seems to be too busy for us? How many of us find solace in writing? How many of us, after years of doing so, stopped keeping little journals?

Of course, some may think that we don’t do those anymore because here I am and here you are engrossed in the blogging world. So, what in the world do we need journals for? Well, if you ask me, sometimes there are thoughts that are better kept in private. Maybe you can share them with the world, if you are a little obsessed with immortalizing yourself through your writing, but we shouldn’t always feel compelled to post everything on Facebook, Twitter, Blogspot, or even WordPress. Though there is a welcoming world within these spheres too, we should leave something for ourselves. No, I am not against sharing everything to the world, but I am for leaving something that is solely for the self, something that we do on our own.

So, with all of these little ramblings, I encourage you to grab a notebook, or your notes application, anything that you can use to write. Write with your heart. Write whatever you may feel or think at the moment. The sky is the limit, literally. Ignore for a moment the conventions of grammar and tenses; it needn’t be perfect or publish-worthy, for it is something that you must do for yourself. Explore that territory that is your mind. Create. Write. Express. For in doing these things, we are giving ourselves the opportunity not only to think but to express whatever thoughts we may have in writing. There is something about putting your thoughts into writing that makes it a far better experience than just pondering about them. Though both are solitary activities in nature, writing for yourself (journal-style) is an opportunity for you to communicate with the inner you, the being that resides within. In writing do we express our inner thoughts and emotions, and in doing so, we breathe life to whatever is in our minds, allowing them their own physical existence and to occupy a tangible space in our lives.

So, let’s celebrate, appreciate, and revive the art of journal writing!

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A New Nigeria

Two days ago, I had written about LAWAN & THE CABAL, a piece asking LAWAN to come clean and clear his name given the bribery smear with Mr. Otedola. I had asked him to stand on the mountain tops and declare with blaring trumpets his stance. Earlier That day, Hon. Farouk Lawan had not only evaded but somehow avoided Omojuwa and I doing a live recording of what could have been an evidence-based report of his then ‘denying’ account. That same day, a rebuttal from his person had come out in public disclaiming the allegation from Femi Otedola. As we all know, the song now is different. Farouk indeed collected the money. I am saddened to have read new reports this morning saying he collected it to trap Otedola. Such foolery!

The situation room is clear. The message is loud. The details murky. The situation grim. One thing is certain:…

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A to Z of Yoruba Names

Lovely Yoruba names and their meanings, you’d like it!

Ethnic name search engine

Aanuoluwapo; God’s mercy is great.
Aarin; refers to centre/middle
Aarinade; in the centre of the crown
Aarinola; the centre of wealth
Abayomi; the enemy would have gloated over me
Abejide; born during the rainy season
Abidemi; born before the fathers arrival
Abidoye; born before the arrival of a chieftaincy title
Abiodun; born during the festival
Abiola/ Abimbola/Abisola; one born into wealth
Abiona; born during a journey
Abioye/Abisoye; born into status/title
Abisogun; born during a war
Abisuga; one born into the palace
Abodunrin; one who walks in with the festival/holiday
Abosede/Abiose; born on the first day of the week
Adaramola; one who complements wealth with beauty
Ade; this refers to crown or royalty
Adebajo; the crown returns from a trip
Adebambo; the crown returns with me
Adebanjo; the crown fits me
Adebanke; the crown helps to pamper me
Adebankole; the crown assisted me to build a house
Adebayo; the crown meets…

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Dear Tinubu,Dear Buhari,Dear Party Chieftains,I’m glad to know the two great ‘opposition’ parties have started merger talks to extricate us …


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