A New Nigeria

Two days ago, I had written about LAWAN & THE CABAL, a piece asking LAWAN to come clean and clear his name given the bribery smear with Mr. Otedola. I had asked him to stand on the mountain tops and declare with blaring trumpets his stance. Earlier That day, Hon. Farouk Lawan had not only evaded but somehow avoided Omojuwa and I doing a live recording of what could have been an evidence-based report of his then ‘denying’ account. That same day, a rebuttal from his person had come out in public disclaiming the allegation from Femi Otedola. As we all know, the song now is different. Farouk indeed collected the money. I am saddened to have read new reports this morning saying he collected it to trap Otedola. Such foolery!

The situation room is clear. The message is loud. The details murky. The situation grim. One thing is certain:…

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