Wanna Be – Gbadegesin Sijuade-Kings

Wanna Be – Gbadegesin Sijuade-Kings.


He who wants to be what he wanna be
Does not squeak when he’s quizzed.
Though he be left in the breeze,
He chooses not to freeze nor get dizzy.
Though the hill be high
And his ascent be steep,
He keeps his feet steady.
Even when no one is nigh,
He keeps his head high
Watching that he does not slip to sleep.
Though the way be rough,
He gets himself tough.
The weather may be stormy
He’s never worried
For he’s got his glory
Waiting at the end of the journey.
Daily he wades the valley low
But keeps his eyes up, on the glory.
He bears his cross, with his eyes on his focus.
Nothings stops him. No one flops him
‘Cause he’s got strength swelling within
Keeping his fire burning
Till he gets his desire
To be what he wanna be.
Gbadegesin Sijuade-Kings
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