WANNA BE II: To the Pilgrim – Gbadegesin Sijuade-Kings

WANNA BE II: To the Pilgrim


To be what you want to be

Takes more than you think it will

For no one knows

What the road is

Until it is trodden.

Fellow, fear not,

That mass they call an height

Was so called

Because many failed there.

That which was seen a valley:

Only because that’s was what it seem

And the helpless bridge

That was called weak

Became so because

It shook and a portion of it

From under one’s feet they fell.

That flowing water was called river

All because, the first traveler

Saw more water than he expected.

Dear traveler, be not dismayed

You’ve overcome the greatest of heights

For you chose to thread

And so you did!

On your way

If a Samaritan you chose to be

(For it makes the journey easier)

Because of waylaying delays

They lurk there

To bring evil to your goal.

In the day, look to the sun,

At night, behold the moon and the stars

For all these bear God’s touch.

Be careful you do not hurt others

But against the evil one,

I pray, stand your ground.

For no man should have

More than he deserves.

Though your eyes be focused

Take time to see the good by

But be careful

They don’t get you into the by-ways

For there, in your mind,

Lies your will, your fate.

Be not carried away

By things off the track

For they are not meant

for those on the track.

If you chose them,

You become theirs’.

If you resist them,

The truth I speak,

They are yours.

If your ship be tossed

By the raging storm,

It does only to know

The number that sail

And the very that ought

For not all that sails,

Fellow, are fit to sail.

You might have heard:

“Lions lay in lee-ways”

This I have for you

They trouble only those

That prepares to flee.

“The field is open

And chilly at night.”

Believe what I speak,

It kills only those

Who lost their warmth within,

For upon the heart

Of the decided,

Lies a kindled fire

Fanned by courage.

One more thing,

Lack thing of Truth

God never fails

Neither does He,

Those  who trust in Him.

Men may fail,

But not all men at all times

And this hard one,

You fail when you chose to


There’s no journey

Too far for the feet,

No sea too wide for the sailor,

What comes out of these,

Is what you made of it.


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