Staring into the wall

My mind seeped through it

Beholding its bricks as they crumble

Apar,t they went like broken tooth

Into the clouds, I saw.

Loud sounds, I hear not.

The blues drifted

And the white shifted

From the moulds they formed

Seeming to weigh pounds.

I stretched to touch

At first, I couldn’t do much

Much enough

To catch a stuff

But the more I tried

Being firm(at my best)

And the more I tried

Much more I fared

Against the odds

In spite of the odds

That scared me like swords.

On the crown, I laid my fingers

And not a little did I linger

(For he that hesitates

Shall be left by many in his state)

Till my hands were on it.

So to you,

This I evict

As experience permits,

That whatever I set to attain

And I pursue, neglecting disdain

I shall attain

Even though the highest mountain

In my way stand.

With God’s, as my Way,

Daydreams and night labour

I combine

With all favour

–          God’s and men’s mine;

Show me the height

If  I admit to bear its pain.

Plain they are,

All heights , when conquered

To the man, who dared

Their pains when he fought under.

Gbadegesin Sijuade-Kings

@iAmKingsiju on twitter


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