Vain or Sensible?


                                                                                                        I honestly don’t know where to start writing this. The idea is stuck somewhere in my head but putting it down on paper is like sitting for Maths exams. Ok… we go!!! As a teenager cum younger girl, I wasn’t keen on make up. I was not your regular kind of girl who experiments with make up or dressing up. I hated pink and frilly dresses or hairstyle; I still do. I hated making my hair, didn’t make it at all from birth till after secondary school. Infact, there was a period in my life that I didn’t have a single skirt. I bought my first make up last year. And no, I was not a tomboy.
This morning while performing my daily ritual, it just occurred to me that I’ve changed from that young girl. I have a cream for my eyes, one for my face, another…

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