Re: Why Do People Cheat? by Shade Lawal.


A couple of days back, @tee_hidee (Idowu Oluwatoyin) posted an article on her blog titled: Why do people cheat?. You can read the article here:

I don’t know why people cheat, but I do believe I have an idea of why men cheat. I have never been married, (thus you may decide not to accept my opinion), but I have lived with guys for 25yrs and been friends with a ton of them. I guess that’s as good as being married… (Laughs).

Alright, stay with me (because I can already hear some of you hissing), let me get back to the important gist…


Cheating is defined as anything that breaches a relationship contract.
Approximately 40% of men seek sexual satisfaction outside their relationship, as estimated by Kat Hertlein, Ph.D. – Professor of Human Development at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. A marriage and family therapist.

Once a man has…

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