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President Goodluck Jonathan is his own worst enemy! Just when many were beginning to reconsider Jonathan in a hopeful light, despite his many failings, and trying to be persuaded that he could at least succeed in delivering even the barest positives for national development, he again uttered another anti-masses’ salvo, totally uncalled for, and which has had the consequence of raising further doubts about his capacity to deliver.

By condemning the nationwide January #Occupy protests against the fuel subsidy removal and alleging that those who took part in the same were sponsored, Jonathan has taken his insensitivity to a new, and very ignominious, low. If Jonathan thought his statement would be saluted as a show of temerity and gumption, he was certainly very mistaken. Ostensibly, Jonathan has no regard for the hiatus in public anger against him which some other thoughtful president will capitalise on, to regain his citizenry’s confidence.

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Someday, maybe, we’d learn and live together, peaceably, as neighbors.

A New Nigeria

Religion is the soul of soulless conditions, the heart of a heartless world, the opium of the people.” Karl Marx (1818-1883), German Philosopher.

As I write this, Jos is on fire again. My heart is heavy, my concerns are worrisome. I hope it is for you. Our development as a nation, from historical times, has being stunted by intolerance. Amidst our various dividing issues, Religion and Ethnicity takes precedence. Even our leaders use this ploy to exploit us!

Ethnic cleansing is the violent elimination or removal of people from a country or area because of their ethnic backgrounds, by means of genocide or forced expulsion. It is also an attempt to purge an area of an unwanted ethnic group. It can include measures of deportation, intimidation, and acts of genocide or mass murder. Remember Hitler and his massive cleansing propaganda; and the resultant mass murder of 5.6-5.9 million Jews (1.5…

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On a rag’s day

He came on his college train

Suited like the scarecrow

In a clown’s shoe and stockings

Carrying cans sealed by his roommate

            In his college’s name.

Nooks and crannies they went

Marbles and glasses they knocked

(Places where beggars never dare)

“All for the poors’ cause” they said

But he knew, he begs for his poverty

He’s got only a day to beg, lawfully

The poor and the beggar’s got all the year.


-Gbadegesin Sijuade-Kings

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PRAYER REQUEST – Gbadegesin Sijuade-Kings




Dear brother,

I’ll be making a request,

I hope it’ll be of interest

And not a bother.

I need someone

To pray for me

But not when he

Nor I’ll choose.

For those times, I fear

May not be most appropriate.

You may have enough things

And people on your prayer list already

To pray for.

I shan’t mind

If you can pray for me

Only when my name

Or my face, like lightening

Manages to cross your mind,

For then I believe

May be the most appropriate

For they do, only in expediencies.

So brother,

When next my name or face

Crosses your mind,

Take time, say a prayer

It’ll help someone

Take time, say a prayer

It’ll work for me,


Gbadegesin Sijuade-Kings

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Love, Insanity & Fools – Gbadegesin Sijuade-Kings



“No one can be in love

and be wise”

-Francis Bacon


Is this love?

A man’s whole life

revolves round hers?

He thinks nothing else

but of her fullness.

If this is love,

love is insanity.


Is this love?

A man leaves Lagos

and in a hurry gets to Jos.

No! he’s got no job there

But he wants to see her.

If this is love,

Love is insanity.


Is this love?

That a man wakes in the night

and writes of no other thing

Than to scribble about her

But to do so of his thesis, he wouldn’t dare

If this is love,

Love is insanity.




Must a man be a fool,

To be in love?

Can’t he be in love

Without being her fool?


Who loves a fool?

Nay, no one

Why then do love

And loving make men fools?


True love is wise.

It’s a height.

It makes bright,

And has no lies.


What then has the fool

To do with love

A large pool

Beyond his forte


Love is for the wise

For those who know

How to make its wine

In the souls of men glow.


Love is above fools

It’s a song for wise souls,

A sacred pool

Which foolishness fouls.




Love is insanity;

Love is for the wise.


-Gbadegesin Sijuade-Kings

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NOTE: The three parts were written days apart.

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