i think their views were skewed and based on flawed sense of judgement. Rape is violence and a criminal offense and on no account can it be justified.


The story below is a personal experience. This happened sometime in October 2004.


“Hello Ladies, open the door!”
A deep voice said from the back window, the one that had a thick bush directly behind it. Although it seemed only a little more than a whisper, it was very clear in the still of the night.
“We are seven, two are at your door, another two with me here and two at the other window. If you refuse to co-operate you are dead. We have guns and Knives, don’t think of getting smart.”

I sat up abruptly, sweat beads breaking out on my forehead. I glanced at the second bunk in the room and noticed that Sike was also up. We both stared at each other, and I saw naked panic in her eyes. We had left the light on during the night, something I realized to be a very…

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