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ImageA friend recently defined the word “women” as a conscientiously woven package of beauty, strength, grace, emotions, instincts and intellect. I agree totally!

Eddy Aniekan in her words says “a strong woman holds on when she should give up. She stays strong for everyone else, but has to cry her heart out in private. They raise amazing gentle men, nurture and feed them with discipline. They are the real hustlers. They multi task like crazy. The amazing thing is their ability to stay intensely committed to their families.”

Yesterday was International Women’s Day (IWD) with the theme; “A promise is a promise: Time for action to end violence against women”. I felt there is reason for me to stress the importance that the girl child, women and mothers play all over the world; and then commitment to gender equality.Image

Ban Ki-Moon captures this need this way: “Too many of our…

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