On days like this, I love the house of reps: here is why


I have a love-hate relationship with the rouse of representatives in Nigeria. These are days where they stand up and really speak with the voice of the common man, and then there are days when its all about their greed and how much they can wrestle from the coffers of government. Their independence is refreshing, I remember their public stand during the first days of the fuel subsidy saga while the senate predictably hid behind their walls of money. And then there are also days like last week. Although I didn’t even know about the House of Representatives collated results from the people’s public session, I was impressed with the results that they voted for. Below is a breakdown on the good, the bad and the I am not so sure.

The Good:

  • Should ambiguities be removed in the process of creating more states? Yes
  • Should more states be created…

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