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On “Twerking” the Dictionary

Diary of a Media Junkie

On Wednesday, Oxford English Dictionary added the following two words to the growing compendium of expressions:

Twerk – a provocative dance move
Selfie – A photograph taken of oneself using a phone
Twitter went slightly agog with expressions such as “we are getting dumber”, “English language is dead”. @Arriannamarie reacted in the following tweets (follow her by the way, and thank me later):

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Why Infidelity has a ‘Smoking’ Effect: An Economic Analysis

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Anti-WalterGate: 7 Steps To Smart Cheating.

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A Documentary on Reverse Euro Migration to Former Colonies

Zainab Usman

This is a very interesting documentary by Aljazeera, which captures the current trend of reverse European migration to former colonies in‪ Africa‬ and South America. Many Spaniards and Portuguese are now moving to Mozambique and Angola in Africa and Brazil, Argentina and Chile in South America to secure jobs and other economic opportunities.

Some highlights of the documentary include:

  • “Lisbon (Portugal) is witnessing an unprecedented trend — EU citizens queuing outside African embassies for work visas” from 2.00 min onwards.
  • About 5 mins into the video, the narrator says “…majority don’t see the themselves as immigrants”.  Then a young Portuguese chap says: “we are not here for our whole lives, only temporary. I am not here to lay down roots. I am only here because I have been forced to emigrate. I would’ve never left Portugal voluntarily. My plan is to go back to Portugal once the situation has…

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