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What Goes Up

The saying was: everything that goes up must come down. I believed this for a long while until some of them stopped coming down.
The price of things.
Stock movements.

Many came down but dig deeper. While some on their way down found a new level and many others, define their new height as their new low.

Not everything that goes up, come down.

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The Lies In My Truth


Love is sweet and all that; that’s what they say but I say love is what you make of it, either good or bad.

Love is what makes you comfortable, what makes the world seem so balanced. It doesn’t matter if it is good or not.

Love is true but can be lies. Your kind of love is not the type I want but it has given me security. It may be bad but at least, I belong to somebody; you call me yours

In search of truth, I lost myself to the lies that you are…. I should run but I want the lies more than the truth. Maybe I am afraid of reality, maybe I am…

In search of love, I lost myself to hate. It’s not what I want but I am so afraid of being alone, I will take it anyways. Don’t tell me I’m a…

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Was It Really A Sacrifice?

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::::Beginners Guide::::How to root Samsung Galaxy S Duos

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::::Beginners Guide::::How to root Samsung Galaxy S Duos

For android geeks or beginners like me!


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