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What Goes Up

The saying was: everything that goes up must come down. I believed this for a long while until some of them stopped coming down.
The price of things.
Stock movements.

Many came down but dig deeper. While some on their way down found a new level and many others, define their new height as their new low.

Not everything that goes up, come down.

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Everyday, between our waking up and going to bed, countless things happen and we encounter a lot of people… all sorts. People from our past, people for the moment and some for the future.

A lot of things happen around us, in our thoughts and in our minds – helplessly bombarded by the ever increasing avalanche of information… those that concerns us and many more outside our control.

The news come good and bad and so do people but after it all… some lingers… some people stay – around and some just in our mind. Some events… no matter how hard we try not to, we wont forget them and a million we’d never remember.

Things that linger, those people that we cannot but think of… those memories that come back to haunt us, to make us giggle (sometimes, awkwardly,  in a solemn assembly). those pictures that flashes and for a moment, it seems all is coming on you…

All of them… what makes them stay? The colors? The smell? The sound? The unseen side of the seen things? The over-heard sounds of the subtle tones?

The not-so-popular side of the popular stories or the popular side of the not-so-popular?

In a little while, today, your birthday, your wedding anniversary, your first day on the job, your first day in school, your first day of retirement, your first day after she left, your first day after the mistake, your first day after the miracle…

In a little while, today would be gone and she, that woman that smiled at you, that cashier whose face bore pains as real as if it was on you, that kid, that woman, that police, that doctor, that dog, that bird, that tree, that wilted flower, that charred piece of wood…

Today, and they all, would soon be gone, into another yester-time…

When they are gone, what would you remember?


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