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When Its Your Time by Abigael

When Its Your Time.


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We thought she was shy

But we were wrong.

Her smile was a lie,

When she meant a mile

We found her far from nigh!


We thought she was shy

All day she skulks

And none sees her talk

But there in her

There’s the tumult of a bazaar.


We thought she was shy

Alas, we were all wrong

She’s a cat

She’s got wiles

More than our eyes can pry.


We thought she was shy

‘Cause none sees her talk

But we were all wrong

She flies- with no trail

She’s sly!



Gbadegesin Sijuade-Kings

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Love, Insanity & Fools – Gbadegesin Sijuade-Kings



“No one can be in love

and be wise”

-Francis Bacon


Is this love?

A man’s whole life

revolves round hers?

He thinks nothing else

but of her fullness.

If this is love,

love is insanity.


Is this love?

A man leaves Lagos

and in a hurry gets to Jos.

No! he’s got no job there

But he wants to see her.

If this is love,

Love is insanity.


Is this love?

That a man wakes in the night

and writes of no other thing

Than to scribble about her

But to do so of his thesis, he wouldn’t dare

If this is love,

Love is insanity.




Must a man be a fool,

To be in love?

Can’t he be in love

Without being her fool?


Who loves a fool?

Nay, no one

Why then do love

And loving make men fools?


True love is wise.

It’s a height.

It makes bright,

And has no lies.


What then has the fool

To do with love

A large pool

Beyond his forte


Love is for the wise

For those who know

How to make its wine

In the souls of men glow.


Love is above fools

It’s a song for wise souls,

A sacred pool

Which foolishness fouls.




Love is insanity;

Love is for the wise.


-Gbadegesin Sijuade-Kings

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NOTE: The three parts were written days apart.

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A MAN IN LOVE (Lovestruck) – Gbadegesin Sijuade-Kings


When a young man falls in love,

He laughs and laughs like a lark,

Grinning from ear to ear,

Like in the days he was a lad.

Countinging the years

He lived, searching for that love,

He dreams his dreams come true,

For his newfound love clouds his mind

Making him think

He’s got the best he can ever

Until the day she turns

Refusing to say “good bye”

Nor to come again.



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INNOSTALGIA – Gbadegesin Sijuade-Kings


Nights after nights

My heart longs to see you.

It peeps, it leaps.

It stretched to its ends

Longing to see you

But here you are, now

Right under my nose

And  it’s burdened

Sore of your sight

Void of ecstatic nostalgic feelings.

Unthinkable, that thoughts of you

Were more charming than you

Alas! Thought of you charm than you.


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OPTING OUT – Gbadegesin Sijuade-Kings


Often, he falls in love.

But each time

He takes his stand,

To clean his bruise

And dust his cloth,

He breaks their hearts.

Each time,

He escapes their bondage,

And his mind is freed

From their hostages,

They tow into doldrums,

Of pains, aches and heartbreaks.

Should he be blamed,

For their aches?

If he had bored the goad

of being a fool.

And of yielding to his foolishness.

Shouldn’t they have their turns?

Must he who would love first fall?

True love is unfailing.

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Of Things I Love : Blue & crimson – Gbadegesin Sijuade-Kings

Blue, how I love you

Calmly you showed me nobility

And softly, true serenity

In many hues.


Daily, I behold you, high

Far, up in the sky.

Daily, showing me calm

Even when it seems not where I am.


I love you blue

For you brought no hurt

Even when others flare hot

You keep me cool.


Away from the earth

Far from its brown and dirt

You abound,

In seas without bound.


Sapphire they named it

Zephyr, I call it

For in this priceless stone

Your calm abound.



Dear blue, this I seek to know

For I know not

If you abound at home

Where I shall be, never to rot.






Crimson, crimson,

Truly, crime you’re known with

But with the rich I see you

If only in their sins.


From bottles you pour

And in crystals you’re gulped

For in all life you are, pure

Until they are gorged.


Of crystals

Rubies you chose

And of flowers, rose:

To be a sign of passion.


In you I was born, both times

But never in you

I seek to return,

Not even in June!


All men, saints and insane,

A precious portion of you they contain

Yet, they thirst for others

Not minding to murder.


Of green and purple

I shall write

But not until my mind bubbles

And commands my hand!



-Gbadegesin Sijuade-Kings


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