Someday, maybe, we’d learn and live together, peaceably, as neighbors.

A New Nigeria

Religion is the soul of soulless conditions, the heart of a heartless world, the opium of the people.” Karl Marx (1818-1883), German Philosopher.

As I write this, Jos is on fire again. My heart is heavy, my concerns are worrisome. I hope it is for you. Our development as a nation, from historical times, has being stunted by intolerance. Amidst our various dividing issues, Religion and Ethnicity takes precedence. Even our leaders use this ploy to exploit us!

Ethnic cleansing is the violent elimination or removal of people from a country or area because of their ethnic backgrounds, by means of genocide or forced expulsion. It is also an attempt to purge an area of an unwanted ethnic group. It can include measures of deportation, intimidation, and acts of genocide or mass murder. Remember Hitler and his massive cleansing propaganda; and the resultant mass murder of 5.6-5.9 million Jews (1.5…

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